Round refinement Grand Amer - 85% fine flavor cocoa

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Fine flavor cocoa selection extra noir

Grand Amer is created by processing the highest-quality beans of a vintage, is lecithin-free, refined with real Bourbon vanilla and slightly sweetened with cane sugar and is a special combination of Criollo cocoa varieties from Central America, Africa and Java. Grand Amer possesses intensity and elegance in a remarkably spicy association of vanilla, liquorice and tobacco aromata. The astringency is remarkably strong. The bitter-tart cocoa taste ends in a long-lasting finish.

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Manufactured in a facility that processes gluten, protein, nuts and peanuts.

Store cool and dry.

We recommend enjoying it soon, as our products are made from fresh ingredients and are free of preservatives.

Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla, fine flavor cocoa content in the couverture 85%

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